Creating commercial illustration
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Pirate chest. Illustration for gift wrapping.

Alcoholic cocktail "Khimprom". Concept.

Novoessentukskaya mineral healing water. Label design.

Milk drink.

Ginger drink "Imbirika." Design, logo design, creating illustrations, layout, preparation for printing.

Russian moonshine. Concept.

Packing natural soil conditioner ZeoFlora. Design, layout, creating illustrations, preparing for printing.

Packing sponges for washing dishes and napkins "Clean House". Design, layout, character development, preparation for printing.

Packaging butter and cheese.

Ketchup. Concept.

Box of chocolates "Bird's milk". Design, graphic design titles, layout, preparation for printing.

Packaging pads.

Russian kvass.

Illustration for banks tea Hilltop.

Concept for beer Miller.

Oh, Kolya, Kolya, you have gastritis!

Vodka Bedovaya. Design, illustration.

Russian alcoholic cocktail Yorsh (50% vodka, 50% beer).

Santa Claus on a train. Illustration for a Christmas package.

Christmas package.

New tube for gifts "Santa and the kids."

Packaging toast. Concept.

Universal mortar "R".

Tomato paste "Signor Tomato."

2. Tomato paste "Signor Tomato".

Packing for the company Abiroy.

Gel and jelly Tattoopharma. Design, layout, preparation for printing.

Alcoholic beverages. Concepts.

"Extra" oatmeal. Design, illustration, layout.

Label design for liquid soap Tattoopharma.

Packing ravioli. Design, illustration, preparing for printing. For TM Zabotoff.

The Snow Queen. Christmas gift illustration on the tube.

Design, illustration, corporate character.

2. Alcoholic beverages. Concepts.

3. Alcoholic beverages. Concepts.

4. Alcoholic beverages. Concepts.

5. Alcoholic beverages. Concepts.

6. Alcoholic beverages. Concepts.

The design of the chocolate liquor "Antica".

Pea pickle.