Creating commercial illustration
Our studio makes logos, emblems, trademarks and bookplates of high quality in different styles. Contact us by mail:

Logo for the company to repair and restoration of antique furniture.

Print on t-shirt EMST, for Young Folks social club.

Emblem "Face of War".

Emblem for Car Service.

Emblem with an Indian beer drinker.

The sign on the label for the Russian kvass.

Emblem for cigarettes Saint George.

Pirate skull.

Stamp for Workshop producing tattoo equipment ΨVladBladIronsΨ.

Coat of arms.

Logo for embossing on the skin.

Sign for packing salt Efsina.

Logo for Qa.

Logo for packing ginger drink Imbirika.

Emblem with a red skull.

Riga line Moscow.

Three horses.

Russian troika.

Sign for a creative workshop Constantinople.

The brand name for the sushi bar "Rak& Roll."


Brand name store "Fashion Point".

Logo Uchet chetko.

The sign for the satirist V.I. Voronin.

Brand name for the package.

Logo for Sequoia Business.

Logo Plato TIA. Shop selling dresses.

Logo AWA.

Emblem with a sword, bow and shield.

Core Rave.

Vector figure for the logo "Turbostartum."

Logo for auto accessories shop "hundredth mile."

L-Baskerville. The logo for the shop fittings for furniture.

The emblem of "Masters of the galaxy."

Bombers YF.

Logo "Opening Russia".

Graphic design name beer.

The coat of arms for holding "Diamond".



Logo Love Forever.

Logo Kiwi Link.

Logo for DELTA batteries.

The logo on the packaging of mineral water.

Logo Frau Digger.

Business card for an endoscopist.

Emblem with a deer.

Logo for the accounting company.